Driers : Our Rotary Vacuum Paddle Driers are one of the most efficient batch driers with optimum Solvent Recovery minimum Energy Consumption & Solid Losses.

We can dry Heat Sensitive materials at Temperatures as low as 60oC Under Vacuum operation without changing the product properties due to exposure to elevated temperatures.
:: The feed can be in the form of Wet Cake, Powder and Slurry
:: Available from 100 ltrs. to 20000 ltrs. Gross Volumetric capacity
:: Available in Conventional Chain Drives or maintenance - free Direct - Driven energy efficient shaft
    mounted Gearboxes
:: Offering other types of driers such as Rotocone Drier Tumbling  Shell Drier, rotary Drier, Tray Drier, Vacuum
    Tray Drier
Mixers :
:: Range of Application: Mixing & Homogenizing bulk materials like Herbicides & Fertilizers, Foodstuffs,
    Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Plastics, Pigments and Dyes & Dye Intermediates

:: Optionally available with Vacuum Construction, Jacket or Limpet Coil for heating / Cooling, Collection, Charging
    Containers, Spray For Anti - Dusting / Additives, CIP Cleaning Spray System Etc.
     Complete Process Plants & Systems On Turnkey Basis:
  :: Process Detailing
  :: Basic & Detailed Engineering
  :: Planning the Layout
  :: Architectural / Structural Design
  :: Electrical Engineering & Components Listing
  :: Piping & Instrumentation Detailing
  :: Supply, Execution and Commissioning of the project on single point responsibility basis

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