Typical GMP Reaction & Distillation system
Our Multipurpose Reaction & Distillation Systems for manufacture of Bulk Drugs and APIs are designed keeping into consideration the various Process Parameters, also including Cleanability & Product Impurity profile. Based on these data, we analyse the Heat Transfer requirements, Degree of Agitation, Pressure - Temperature Ratings, Space Availability, Surface Finish requirements, Product Properties, HAZOP Studies, Corrosion Allowance etc., to offer an optimum system suiting your application.

:: Offered complete GMP systems with Basic & Process Engineering, Layout & Detail Engineering.

:: Also meeting 'C-GMP' Standards and stringent requirements of International regulatory bodies like USFDA, UKMCA, TGA etc.

:: Designed in accordance with the various international codes for Pressure parts

:: ’Internal surface finish’ up to 600 Grits with Mechanical / Electro-polishing having Crevice-free Internals to avoid contamination and facilitate thorough cleaning
   during product changeovers

:: Condenser vapour side is removable to facilitate manual cleaning

:: Pre - insulation for hot and cold service with removable SS304 cladding

:: Specially designed sealing mechanisms for bearing housing to prevent grease leakage even in a solvent atmosphere

:: Offered German Helical gearbox having high efficiency and Quadralip Oil Seal to prevent frequent seal failure resulting in oil leakages, also available with oil
    leakage collection chamber

:: Offered with various types of agitators such as Anchor, Turbine, Mig, Hydrofoil, Propeller, Helical and Contra mixer etc.

:: The Vessel, Receiver, Column & Condensers with bolted openings can be dismantled to facilitate manual cleaning periodically or between product

:: The Nozzle & the Reflux line connections can be provided with Sanitary Triclamp, DIN, SMS, IDF or flange ends as specified by the user

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