One-stop-shop for design & Manufacturing of coded process equipment and plants for global clients. Since 1981.



About Us


Ever since 1981, we have been supplying coded process equipment like chemical process equipments, pharmaceutical processes vessels, chemical process machines, pharmaceutical process machine to our clients in India and all over the world




  Unique Chemoplant


  Process Reaction Vessels
   Process Reaction Vessels  Autoclaves / Hydrogenators
   GMP Reactors Reactors for Corrosive Applications

  Heat Exchangers/Pressure Vessels/Agitators
   Custom-designed Agitators
   Pressure Vessels/ Tall Vertical Columns
   Heat Exchangers made of special Alloys
   Silicon Carbide Exchangers


   Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers Rotocone Vacuum Dryers
   Conical Screw Dryers Spherical Paddle Chopper Dryers
   Ribbon Blenders

  Specialised Plant Equipment
    GMP Reaction & Distillation Systems for Bulk Drugs and
      Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Our processes are calibrated to produce equipment conforming to international Codes & Standards such as ASME/TEMA/PED 5500/API 620/API 650/DIN/EEUA Handbook / EJMA. Our systems and facilities are certified for ISO 9001-2008, ASME U, U2, Rand NB stamp. We have executed jobs for European market with CE Marking meeting PED requirements. We offer jobs under third-party acceptance including L1oyds, TUV, Jacobs H&G, BVIS, AKER, SAIPEM and TCS



Versatility at Work

Our products and solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in testing conditions. We built them that way in our ASME U, U2, R & NB Stamp certified shops

Just as no two applications are the same, no two industries are similar either. To be able to design quality products and solutions for a wide range of industries requires more than thorough know-how. It requires versatility. Of people, processes and production capabilities.


take great pride in our versatility and our ability to develop quality designs and equipment for a variety of industries. Our experienced professionals focus on developing equipment that maximize operating efficiencies,