We offer wide range of Process Reactors to meet diverse application ranging from Nitration, Ethoxylation, Reduction, Sulphonation, Fluorination, Bromination, Chlorination, Cyclization, Condensation, Amination, Phosgane Gas Reaction etc.

:: Offered with process & Mechanical design
:: Wide range of Agitators to perform varied operation including Gas Re-circulation ar their optimum performance
Limpeted Reactor
:: Robust Drive Assembly offered with Mechanical seals,  Gland packing designs & even Hermetic sealing.

::  Heat Transfer Mechanisms offered to meet service temperatures from -70o C to 400o C by either Jacketed, Limpeted, Internal Coil Construction or their combinations.

:: We offer the complete range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers as defined in TEMA
Gas Re-circulation Hydrogenator
:: Equipped with Computer aided design, Established welding procedures & advanced engineering skills
:: in - house facility for process & mechanical design
Process Heat Exchanger
' C  GMP' Heat Exchanger

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